Do I need to re-register every few years?

 No, you do not need to re-register every few years. If you move, please notify the Elections office of your new address.

It is suggested that a voter make at least some form of contact with the Elections office at least every two (2) years to ensure active status.

May I vote in a precinct of which I am not a resident?

No. This is one area where the Florida Legislature and Florida Statutes (101.045) are specific in requiring that "No person shall be permitted to vote in any election, precinct or district other than the one in which the person has his or her legal residence and in which the person is registered." It is a felony to vote in a precinct in which you do not live.

Does being "No Party Affiliation" or minor party mean I can vote for anyone in a primary?

No. Florida is a closed primary state. You must be registered as a member of the party whose primary you wish to vote in. However, all voters may vote in a primary for nonpartisan races, such as school board members, judges, and referenda.

What is a Universal Primary?

If all candidates for an office have the same party affiliation and the winner will have no opposition in the General Election, then all qualified voters, regardless of party affiliation, may vote in the Primary Elections for that office. These contests are called "Universal Primary Contests."

What is a provisional ballot?

It is a conditional ballot. The validity of the ballot will be determined by the canvassing board.

Will provisional ballots be available?

Yes. Provisional ballots will be available at all voting locations to be used when the need arises for a provisional ballot. The staff of the elections office and the canvassing board will research available records to determine eligibility, and those people who cast provisional ballots will be advised of their situation within 30 days.

Do I vote only for the County Commissioner or School Board Member for my District?

No! In Santa Rosa County, County Commissioners and School Board Members run countywide. While the Commissioner and the School Board Member who represents your district must live in your district, voters are allowed to vote in all County Commissioner and School Board races, regardless of their residential location.

How many County Commissioner and School Board districts are there?

In Santa Rosa County there are five.

Is it true you can pre-register to vote when you are sixteen (16) years old?

Yes, you may pre-register to vote when you are sixteen (16) years old. Your registration will be held in suspense until your eighteenth birthday, when your voter registration will become active.

Can I use my voters' information card as ID at the polls?

No. The law requires a photo and signature ID. Those that are accepted are:

•FL Drivers Licenses

•Florida ID

•United States passport

•Debit or credit card

•Military ID

•Student ID

•Retirement center ID

•Neighborhood association ID

•Public assistance ID

•Veteran health I.D. card issued by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs

•A license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm issued pursuant to s. 790.06

•Employee I.D. card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality

You may use two (2) forms of identification to meet this requirement. If you do not present proper identification, you must vote a provisional ballot.

On Election Day, can I go into the booth with my spouse to help them to vote?

Unless your spouse has requested in writing that they need assistance, you are not allowed to go into the voting booth with your spouse.

The day before an Election I realize that I haven't changed my address from the county in which I previously lived to Santa Rosa County. Can I still vote?

Yes. Call the Elections Office to get the address of your new precinct. Once at the precinct on Election day, the Clerk will assist you in filling out a change of address form.

Do I use a pen to mark my ballot?


 Yes, we provide pens in each voting booth. If you make a mistake while marking your ballot, do not hesitate to ask for a new ballot.

How do I get my name off the list so I will not be called for Jury Duty?

Jury duty lists are actually drawn from the Driver’s License lists, not from the voter registration list. However, you may request your name to be taken off the voter registration list at any time and for any reason. A written request is needed to process this change.

Am I automatically registered to vote if I have a driver’s license?

No, you are not automatically registered to vote just because you have a driver’s license. You can apply to register to vote or to update your voter information when you apply or renew your driver’s license, but it is not automatically done.

When does my vote-by-mail ballot have to be returned to your office?

The ballot must be in our office by 7 PM CST on Election day in order for it to be counted. However, if you are overseas and voting in a federal election, your ballot must be postmarked by the date of the election and we must receive it within ten (10) days of the election for it to be counted.

What hours are the polls open on Election Day?

The polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM. If you are in line by 7 PM, you will be allowed to vote.

This is my first time voting. Will someone show me what to do?

Yes, a poll worker will offer you instructions when you go to vote.

Can I bring my marked sample ballot to the polls?

Yes, as long as you do not display it for others to see and do not leave it in the polling place. Use of a sample ballot is encouraged.



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